About BSG
Technology that will drive the next wave of banking revolution.

Company Overview

BSG is the fastest growing Fintech solutions provider in the country. BSG began its operation in 2010. Over the past few years BSG has been the undisputed market leader in the Banking domain.

BSG has an extensive relationship with the country's leading co-operative banks and private sector banks. Following are amongst the many strengths that distinguish BSG in the market space :
    -Industry Expertise
    -Broad and evolving service offerings.
    -Proven history of technology innovation and implementation.
    -Commitment to long term development of our employees.

Our Solutions

Payment switch & Mobile solutions
Intregrated Channels








Growth graph since inception

  • 2010
    Company Incorporated , reconciliation product launched.
  • 2011
    TREASURY Product was launched. More than 50 banks using this product as on date.
  • 2012
    LOS / AML~KYC product launched , client base around 40 banks.
  • 2013
    UCIC/BI other products launched , total 13 banking related product serviced.
  • 2014
    100+ Banks using various applications PAN India,20+ banking related products serviced.
  • 2015
    25 Products and 125 Banks client base.
  • 2016
    35 Products and 150 Banks client base.
  • 2017
    TURING CBS Launched and 2 Banks onboarded within 1 month of the Launch. Payment Switch launched.
  • 2018
    Seven Banks live on TURING. Total 46 Products under Integrated Channels. Overall client base 225+ banks.
  • 2019-2020
    30 Banks onboarded TURING as of now.